Junior Technical Director


📢 Introducing Lewis Bridle: Unveiling a new era of excellence at Noarlunga United Soccer Club


🤝 In our commitment to development and success, we are thrilled to announce Lewis Bridle as the newly appointed Junior Technical Director for 2024 at Noarlunga United Soccer Club. With a wealth of experience in coaching youth soccer, both at local clubs and through his own valued academy, Lewis brings a dynamic vision to our club.


🔥 Lewis Bridle's visionary approach aims to revolutionize the way we cultivate talent and elevate our players to elite levels. His extensive background in coaching and player development is set to propel Noarlunga United towards a future of excellence. Lewis' commitment to introducing new technology, advanced coaching education, elite junior programs for boys and girls and robust support systems signifies a transformative shift within our club.


👨‍🏫 One of the core pillars of Lewis's strategy is the implementation of professional training cycles for our junior players. With a keen focus on holistic growth, he envisions a comprehensive framework that nurtures young athletes not only as players but as individuals.


🏟 Furthermore, Lewis is determined to redefine the landscape of youth development in Australia. His progressive mindset and fresh perspective will undoubtedly contribute to reshaping the way we approach nurturing and moulding young talent. His expertise, combined with his dedication to innovation, holds the promise of a brighter future for Noarlunga United Soccer Club.