Volunteer Day - Thank You

Volunteer Day - Thank You

Welcome to All our Volunteers

Welcome office of the hon Amanda Rishworth MP parliament of Australia

Thank you to David, for nominating us NUSC to Australia Post for a grant, we were successful which has helped us put this day together,

Thank you, Subway at Hackham & Cherry Blossom at Southgate Square, for catering today, (1 less job for our volunteers to do).

The club is run on volunteers, and I am very grateful for everyone single one of our Volunteers! Unfortunately not everyone could be here today.,

To the committee Tina, Tracy, Lauren, Dean, Micelle & St John there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes, your commitment and dedication to the club the time you have spent away from your family has not gone unnoticed – I appreciate everything you have done for the club and to assist me on the committee.

Sean your ongoing commitment with taking care of the clubs’ financials, your support you give me thank you.

To every single coach your commitment to the club and players is tremendous, if it wasn’t for you guys there would be no teams there would be no games, there would be no players learning new skills, becoming a better soccer player hopefully 1 day for the first team, learning to be part of a team, and supporting the community,

Our Senior coaches Colin, Steve, Mark, Glynn, Simon, Scott & Simon – thank you for everything, you all have gone above and beyond your coaching duties

Amateurs – Tony, Andrew, Alex, Ben & Denny – your commitment to the players, to the Federation side watching home games, keeping me entertained on a Friday night & Sunday afternoon is exceptional – Thank you,

The team managers – your commitment to the committee, the team players & parents – if it wasn’t for you hard work and dedication the teams wouldn’t be able to play, there would be no communication.

Our fundraising Committee – it was pleasing to say we actually had a subcommittee this year Jess, Coleen & Lisa, it was 1 less role the committee had to deal with.

We had the Cadbury fundraiser, wine drive, raffles and more in all we raised just over $5000 this season, a great effort.

Currently we have People’s Choice Community Lottery & The Entertainment book - so please help us Support our Fundraising and I look forward to seeing what our Fundraiser committee has in store for us next season.

To all the parents, and players (special mention to Harry, Lockie, Tarryn, Jake, Connor & Mia all junior Players) – for assisting in the canteen.

Dave, Colin & Glynn marking the pitches week in week out,

Margaret & Peter- being a phone call away if I ever need you, for tidying up the grounds before our big home games

Special Mentions

New to the Club this season, Deb put up her hand to team manager for the 7’s her husband Rob was the coach.

I don’t get to watch home games, so Deb volunteered to run the bar at the Seniors first qualifying final game, which meant so much to me, and to also know Deb enjoyed it and has offered to help again.  

Ben & Paul, your dedication to the club and our junior & mini roos coaches is amazing, your help to me I cannot put into words,


Dave – not only are you the u13’s assistant coach, a sponsor to the club, you cooked every Thursday night meal for the seniors – that was a huge headache taken away and relief for me.


At times it is hard to put things or to say to people on how much I appreciate their help, because your help means that much to me,

I love what I do,

I love the club, the people who I work alongside with,

Seeing all players, whether it be juniors, amateurs or seniors – play a game, have a laugh, creating new friendships

So, thank you to ever single one of you, if it wasn’t for our volunteers there would no Club!

Thank you to my husband Ian, my children, for your support and for helping me when required – especially at home when im not there,




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